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English Granth, Laghugranth and Sattvik Products :

1. Science underlying religious festival

2. Appropriate method & science celebrating holy festival 

3. Introduction to Achardharma 

4. Temple at home and implements used in worship 

5. Sattvik Rangolis 

6. Deity Laxmi Picture Hot Lamination 

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Appropriate ways of celebrating a festival and the spiritual science underlying it

* Why should a festival be celebrated only as per religious Scriptures ?

*How does the new Sanvatsar become the beginning of a new year ?

* How should the festival of Akshay Trutiya be celebrated ?

* What is the significance of Dasra, Makar Sankranti etc ?

Spiritual basis of religious festivals and vowed religious observances (vrat)

* What is the importance of religious festivals and vowed religious observances ?

* What should be done to curb malpractices in group celebration of religious festivals ?

* What restrictions should a devotee performing a vowed religious observance follow ?

* Why are maximum vowed religious observances performed in Chaturmas (four Holy
months of Shrawan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin and Kartik as per the Hindu lunar calendar) ?

Introduction to the religious code of conduct (achardharma)

* What are the different methods of purifying a premises ?

* Why did man from the Kaliyug (era of strife) turn towards unrighteousness (adharma)?

* How does the quality of observance of Dharma improve by chanting the Name of God ?

* Why is there no need to observe the religious code of conduct advocated by Saints ?

* How does behaviour become pure by surrendering all actions to God ?

* Why does man and society benefit from observing the religious code of conduct
(achardharma) ?

Sattvik rangolis (designs drawn on the ground with soft white stone powder) which attract and emit Principles of various Deities

* Why are rangolis drawn during festivals or their group celebration ?

* What is the difference between beautiful and sattvik rangolis ?

* How are the rangoli patterns connected with Principles of Deities ?

* How do the Principles attracted to a rangoli vary depending on the colours used in it ?

* How do the Principles in a rangoli vary by changing the direction of drawing the rangoli ?

You will get answers of above questions in these Holy texts.