Introduction to Achardharma

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When one speaks of Āchārdharma (Code of Righteous conduct), most people associate it with adhering to ideal conduct and ideology, fulfilling duties and following Righteous conduct. None should restrict the meaning of Āchārdharma merely to these aspects. Broadly speaking, every act performed in day-to-day life which helps us in moving closer to God is termed as ‘ācharaṇ’ and the Dharma that teaches this is termed as ‘Āchārdharma’. In short, Āchārdharma is the spiritualisation of every aspect of our day-to-day life; that is, making everything we come across sāttvik and enriched with Chaitanya (Divine consciousness). Therefore, following of Āchārdharma helps in moving swiftly towards God-realisation.

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